Male Griffon 3 Years Old

Pinto is a stunning Griffon Bleu de Gascogne (Griffon Azul de Gasconia), he is just coming up to his third birthday, date of birth 01/11/2018.

His breed is a type of scent hound which originated in France. They make wonderful pets and considered a rare breed in most of the world. They are mainly used to hunt wild boar, although do also hunt other game too. They can have strong prey drives as you would expect but they are dogs that make great companions.

Pinto is great with male and female dogs at the shelter. He is very active, very energetic, he loves to run.

Poor Pinto arrived at the shelter very thin and anxious over his food. He is very affectionate with people and very obedient within the confines of the shelter, always coming to the call, but we expect it would be different out on a walk with scents and distractions.

Please note, this Griffon is also advertised with Spanish Griffon Rescue, a charity we work closely with. You can apply through us or through them.


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