Female 2 Year Sabueso

Pillina is a two year old female Sabueso (a Spanish hound).  Her date of birth is 07/06/2019.

Pillina is a really stunningly beautiful, young hound, she was handed in by her hunter as he did not want her. She is affectionate with people and very obedient within the confines of the shelter, but of course this may be different on walks with lots of exciting smells.

Pillina is good with other dogs, however she arrived at the shelter extremely thin and she still is nervous around her food, so she is fed separately to the other dogs. She is a dog of strong physique and a lot of energy, she might be an ideal companion for someone wanting to try trailing.

Sabueso are a lovely breed, used to hunt wild boar and other game in Spain. They are bloodhounds who earned their name due to their noble character. Sabueso are smart dogs who need mental stimulation as well as being active. Sadly it is also a breed that typically gets overlooked in the shelters, but we hope this will not be the case for Pillina.