Female Pointer 1 Year Old

UPDATE 19.07.22: Pili has arrived in her foster home near Caerfilli Wales, Pili is such a handsome young Pointer, in many ways like a really big puppy, she is still young and playful, just one year old, her DOB is 11.11.20.

Pili has settled in really well to her foster home home, accepting the other four dogs happily and particularly loving the company and playfulness of another young pointer.

Pili is an intelligent girl who is learning very quickly. She loves other dogs and is very respectful of their social cues, she would love the company of another young dog in the house. She loves to play with other dogs and can be rather feisty in a playful way. She loves to play tug rope with her doggy siblings.

Pili will happily sleep in her own bed but does also like to share a bed with another dog from time to time. She is a real loving girl!

She loves to have a tennis ball rolled for her and has learnt that it makes a great game if you return the ball so it can be rolled again, a really clever girl!

She is very friendly with people she knows and is a little shy initially with human visitors but has greeted them with a little sniff which is very promising. So far Pili has had no accidents in the house and walks okay on the lead, however as she picks up confidence on walks she may start pulling and need some lead training. She shows promising recall although she is of course still in the honeymoon period so that will probably change. Overall, Pili is such a wonderful girl who will make any family very happy.

BACKGROUND: Pili was handed into the shelter by her hunter as she was unwanted excess. She is a wonderful dog, calm and balanced, very good natured and gets on very well with the other dogs. She was put in a kennel with Goku the young male Pointer and they get along very well. Goku and Pili are both dogs that need a friendly dog in the adoptive home to give them comfort, Pointers often do best with other dogs for companionship and confidence. These two could even be adopted as a pair although this is not necessary.

Pili is shy with new people, but quickly gains confidence and then becomes confident and cheerful. In the right home with a friendly dog, Pili will be a wonderful dog, like all Pointers she will love to run and will no doubt have little recall initially. She might make a lovely choice for anyone wanting to do some canicross for example.


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