English Setter, 3 Years Old

Perla is an English setter of almost 3, born 19/3/17. She’s quite big for a female setter and absolutely beautiful

This poor girl has a very sad story. We don’t know much about the first part of her life other than she was owned by a hunter who we assume didn’t want her because she wasn’t good enough at hunting. We think he either lost her or abandoned her. She was found by another hunter who picked her up. He took her out hunting and lost her. Nobody bothered to even look for her. After 3 months, she was found by yet another hunter. This hunter got her microchip scanned and contacted her first owner who told him she was rubbish and hunting and that he could either return her so he could kill her, or keep her. So he kept her and tried to hunt with her too. Despite being terrified after her ordeal, she was very affectionate. He didn’t have any more luck with getting her to hunt but he did at least take pity on her and contact the shelter to help her.

The shelter says she is an incredible dog. She has been through so much but shows tremendous strength. She is extremely submissive with people but she’s improving a lot. Despite everything she has gone through and how scared she was when she arrived, she’s never shown any fear aggression. Once she realises you aren’t going to hurt her then she gives everything to you and is very affectionate and loving. She gets on well with other dogs and would benefit from a home with a resident dog to help her confidence.