Female GSP pointer 9 Years Old

Perla is a beautiful older female GSP, nine years old and with a gorgeous greying face, her date of birth is 20/01/2012. In the video below you can see her long nipples from having so many pups and on her body she has callouses from lying all her life on the hard cold concrete. This poor dog has known no comfort or love and she so deserves it now.

Perla arrived at the shelter very fearful and extremely neglected, afraid of any human touch. However, she has been at the shelter for two months now and her confidence is growing all the time. She now allows the staff at the shelter to handle her and is getting very affectionate with them. Of course she is still shy with people she does not know.

Perla is looking for a quiet home where she can learn to enjoy life and a home with a friendly resident dog to help her confidence, give her comfort and show her the way.

Perla & Friends

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