GWP cross, 11 Years Old

Peri is a GWP cross, he is a tall dog, standing 63cm to the shoulder. He has been waiting in a shelter in the south of Spain for a year or more, so we have brought him up to AELA hoping to find him a home in the UK.

Peri was used for hunting and discarded when no longer useful. He was found in a poor area called El Peri, hence the name.  He is 11, but seems more like an 8yr old dog in behavior. He’s agile, loves playing with balls, demands attention and very affectionate with people. 

Peri is now at the AELA shelter and they tell us he is loving and obedient (within the kennel confines). He is friendly with the dogs in the large enclosure outside although he’s no as keen keen on them in his kennel, he is a little grumpy with dogs in his space. He is super clean in his kennel. He is very affectionate with people.

Peri was rescued from a shelter in Merida, Extremadura in Valladolid, which is in the south of Spain, he will now be tested for leish, the results will be back soon but this is a leish area, so we would advise regular testing.

We normally ask for an adoption fee of £450 as a contribution towards our costs which are the same whatever age the dogs are, but given that Peri is an older dog we could take £350 instead.

Date of birth 1/1/2009