English Setter, 9 Years Old

UPDATE: Pecas went to a lovely foster home on the 23rd December in time for his birthday and Christmas! He’s living with 7 other male setters and is doing well. He’s a little bit wary of other dogs so his foster home are working on his socialisation and he’s starting to relax a lot more now, although he doesn’t like to be cornered or trapped, even if by accident by the other dogs. He loves having a run in their secure dog field and enjoys his food too! He’s quite well behaved and understands the basics. He loves a cuddle and a groom too. He does sadly have separation anxiety so he’s looking for a home who are around for him a lot and can work with him slowly on this and at his own pace. He needs a cat free home.

Sadly Pecas’ adoption hasn’t worked out. He’s currently in the Northampton area and looking for a new home as soon as possible. Here’s what his adopters have to say about Pecas, now Eddie:

Eddie is such a gentle and affectionate dog. He absolutely loves attention, food and most of all running – he even dreams about it! We are absolutely gutted but we know we are not the right people for him and he deserves the absolute best because he truly is awesome.

Eddie is very contented and confident around the house, he hasn’t been nervous of anything – TV, household appliances etc, and he hasn’t chewed a single thing! He took to house training very quickly, so far we have only had a couple of accidents. He even seemed to really love his first shower and brush (probably because he was getting loads of attention!) and was really relaxed afterwards. He does jump up at us and get his front paws on worktops (which isn’t too difficult for him as he’s a big boy!) but only when he is really overexcited which is usually when he knows he is about to go out for a walk (or occasionally when there is food up there). He has been really well behaved and respects boundaries, he’ll show interest when we sit down with dinner but quickly settles in his bed and doesn’t pester for food. He loves to be around us so he can get frustrated and bark if he is closed in one room and we are elsewhere in the house.

Our main challenge has been walking him and giving him enough outside time, since he enjoys the outdoors and running so much. He is very driven on walks and once he gets his nose to the ground he sets off pulling. He has also been a bit reactive and barks when we encounter other dogs but he didn’t show any aggression, however so far we haven’t tried any planned introductions. A big part of why this is challenging for us is that often only one of us is available to walk him, so we sometimes come across other dogs as a surprise. Unfortunately we lack confidence ourselves in handling this. We have taken him to a secure field and he absolutely loved it (see the video)!

He really is the most gentle, sweet boy and we really just want the best for him.

Pecas is a lovely older setter. He’s almost 9, DOB 24/12/11 and would love to spend his first birthday and Christmas in a real home!

He was handed into the shelter by his owner who was moving house. He has spent the last few years retired from hunting and living free in a field so he’s finding the shelter quite a stressful place and is struggling to adapt at his age.

He loves to run. He’s very big for a working setter but also very elegant. He’s just been neutered so the shelter will test him with other dogs soon but he’s been fine with the dogs in the kennels next to his. He’s very affectionate with people


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