English Setter, 1 Years Old

Paula is a beautiful English setter of approx 18 months

Paula was rescued from the same pound as Lidia, although they did not originally come from the same shelter. The pound is one of the worst in the regions and operated to make money rather than help dogs. These dogs have often gone through many hunters by the time they reach the pound and then get mistreated again while there, it’s truly heartbreaking. The dogs aren’t given enough food in order to save money, and since many dogs share a run, the strongest ones get fed and the others go without food. Often dogs here die from hunger, killed by other dogs who are so desperate to get to the food or put to sleep

Paula is a very active and playful girl despite everything. She loves children and she’s very sociable with other dogs at the shelter too. She absolutely loves to run! She’s a small setter, currently only weighing 14kg

Paula & Lidia

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