English Setter, 1 Year Old

UPDATE: Sadly Pady’s adoption didn’t work out and he’s now in foster in the Sunderland area while he looks for his new forever home. Pady, now Rafa, is looking for a quiet home with no young children and will need a resident dog

Here’s what his foster mum has to say about this lovely lad:

“Since having Rafa here with me and Bella this adorable lovable young lad has grown so much in confidence and adapted to his new environment quite quickly. He is such an intelligent boy, he has learnt some new commands already to sit, stay  and he lets you know when he needs the toilet too. He’s very attentive, patient and polite and when taking a treat off you he’s very gentle. He’s eating 2 full meals a day and sits patiently waiting for his dinner when he see’s the bowl come out of the cupboard.

He is full of energy and loves playing ‘chasies’ with Bella around the garden, but if Bella is tired he also is just as happy playing with his ball or favourite Lion teddy. He always has a ‘waggy tail’ and kisses for you even though he still needs to know your still there by running in from the garden to check and running back out again.

Having showed a lack of confidence with people previously I waited until he felt more confident and less stressed to slowly introduce people into his environment. Firstly talking to neighbours through the fence, receiving deliveries to the door and hearing other voices speaking while he was there. He took direction from Bella and really took it all in his stride. The only thing he needed was re-assurance from me with lots of ‘good boys’ and cuddles. Having seen he felt comfortable, today he met his first visitor! After an initial few barks with Bella and me just carrying on as normal he came over after Bella for a sniff then followed her back to sit down. He wasn’t stressed or fearful and I was so proud of him. Needless to say he got lots of cuddles after too. No signs of stress or aggression at all.

Initially he was startled by loud noises but after 3-4 days he didn’t even lift his head up off his bed when sleeping!

Going forward Rafa would benefit so much from another dog to show him the way forward when he’s not so sure. When he gains his confidence in you he just loves being next to you and giving you his kisses. It would be idle if his new adopter’s were at home with him just to build his confidence more and reassure him his world is now a good place.

Rafa and Bella play so well together, Rafa. He has been ‘told off’ a few times by her but learnt from it immediately too. He just wants to play being a young lad and If it wasn’t for Bella needing a quieter life and slightly reluctant at times to share her mammy I would happily have him here to stay.

He’s an absolute pleasure to have and even though he hasn’t spent a long time here it’s  hard not to love this affectionate little lad to bits. Even though it will be sad to see him go I know he has definitely benefited from his time here with us and I know when he goes to his perfect home he will be more confident and relaxed when he gets there.”

HISTORY: Pady is a beautiful tricolour, 1 year old, male English Setter, his date of birth is 10/01/2021

Pady is a very handsome setter handed in by his hunter because he is unwanted excess as so often happens in Spain sadly. He arrived at the shelter with a lot of fear of people and even growled if anyone approached him, however he has changed a lot in a short time thanks in part to his kennel mate Kini, who is helping him to overcome his fears, he is already consenting to caresses and cuddles although he still trembles when you approach him.

Pady is a gorgeous dog, he gets on very well with male and female dogs and we are looking for a home with a resident friendly dog to help him continue to gain confidence around people.

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