Odie male 4 yr old pointer

Odie is a four year old handsome, friendly pointer currently in Perth, Scotland. Date of birth 01/06/2017.

Odie is a happy boy, very good natured with a sweet disposition, funny, reasonably obedient, affectionate and playful. 

Odie loves people, he adores human company, he can be a little wary of children but loves to say hello to people and dogs he meets when out and about. He is a very friendly dog.

He is great with other dogs, loves all female dogs, can be initially unsure with males of similar size, but he is usually fine, if unsure he will stand close and quiet.

Odie also loves to play with a ball and chase a Frisbee. He would love running activities, cani-cross perhaps. He can run like the wind.

Like many pointers his recall is ok, but he can be distracted by birds or smells. He is food orientated so a few tasty treats really help and he is learning to repond well to the whistle. Currently he only runs free in safe enclosed areas. He walks fairly well on lead and long lead / flexi lead.

Odie is mesmerised by swallows, and bats at twilight. He is afraid of sea gulls though. He will also chase bees, flys and butterflies. Odie did fine in his cat test in Spain, but he has not lived with a cat and now often chases them from the garden.

Odie is toilet trained. Although, if it’s raining, he needs encouragement to go outside. He does not like the rain very much, but loves to be outside in any chink of sunshine.

Odie was adopted two years ago, but sadly he is struggling to cope when left during the day with the other dog, his current adopter works away from home and a lunch time visit is not enough for Odie, so she feels it is fairest to let him find a home with someone who is around more durring the day. Odie is such a lovely dog, somebody is going to be so lucky to welcome him into their lives.

We are looking for a wonderful home for Odie with lots of companionship, ideally human and dog, probably no cats (unless very confident) and no young children as he is a sensitive soul and can be nervous. He travels well in the car, settles down to sleep usually, so we are open to applications from all over UK.

Back in 2019 he was first seen wandering through a town in Spain for about a week before the pound picked him up. AELA then took him from the dog pound and cared for him in their shelter. He is a very playful and cheerful dog, he is friendly with male and female dogs, he travels very well by car and so far he walks well on the lead. He is an affectionate dog that loves cuddles and strokes and if you scratch his back he starts wiggling around, he is a very happy and good dog.

Date of birth 01/06/2017

Odie & Edgar
Odie & Edgar
Odie & Edgar