English Setter, 2 Years Old

UPDATE: Oca travels to UK foster in Derbyshire on the 19th November

UPDATE: Oca has improved a lot since she arrived at the shelter. She will let people she knows make a fuss of her now but she does find it hard to trust people straight away. Her kennel buddies are helping her overcome her fears and showing her humans don’t have to be scary. Oca will need a resident dog in her new home

Oca is a 2 year old English setter, DOB 27.07.19

Oca was given up by a breeder of hunting dogs, along with Allea as he had too many dogs and wanted rid of some.

Oca arrived with a lot of fear but has improved a lot thanks to her kennel buddies, Allea and Guss who are very sociable. She already lets people stroke her now and she approaches people slowly for a treat

Oca needs a quiet home with patient adopters to help her overcome her fears

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