Nora is a five year old Brittany / Setter cross who was being fostered by people we know and she already had an adoptive home arranged but sadly this could no longer go ahead. We loved her the minute we met her and decided we would like to see if we could offer her a home. The application form was sent promptly and soon after we returned it we were FaceTimed by Tessa, one of the re homers. This was really useful to get information about the characteristics of the breed and whether we had the right lifestyle for her to become settled and happy. We then actually met Nora a couple of times, walked her and spent time with her. This really helped us understand her needs better. 

Since having Nora to live with us she brings our home alive with her happy disposition and friendly character. She is eager to please and spend time with us. She had already learned some commands from her foster carers and we are building on these. She walks well on the lead most of the time but doesn’t like it if dogs are off lead and crowd her so we are giving her a bit space when in the park at the moment. We do take her to a local country park where there are open fields and we have her on a long lead which we no longer have to hold but gives us some security. So far she comes back when called and doesn’t wander too far away but enjoys that little bit more freedom and can have a run.

At night and when we go out we do leave her in the utility room, where she has a bed, and she settles quickly although sometimes jumps up the door when first left but then settles. She has a bed in the living room too and now if she has followed us about the house but we aren’t doing anything interesting she will just take her self to her bed.

She had a check at the vets and we were told that her teeth make her 5 years old but her body is a lot younger! She has good muscle and very fit….she allowed the vet to examine her thoroughly and was quite nosey when in the reception area sniffing out the treats! 

We can take Nora with us when we go out and she enjoys meeting new people and having new experiences. I wouldn’t change her for the world. It feels as though she has always been part of our family.