Setter, 1 Year Old

Noa is a gorgeous setter coming up to 1 year old, DOB 01.02.20

Her passport says she’s an English setter but she is a cross of some kind, and a stunning one at that.

She was rescued from a pound by one of the lovely shelters we work with. She was very stressed and scared when they picked her up which made her almost impossible to handle and she showed her teeth through fear.

Now she’s in the safety of the shelter, her character has totally changed already. She’s a cheerful playful girl with other dogs and she’s improving with humans too. She still has lots to learn and needs somebody to teach her she doesn’t need to be scared of people anymore but she will not approach for a fuss, albeit timidly, and she will eat from their hands. She’s currently sharing a run with Boy who she absolutely adores and follows round and takes a lot of confidence from him. We will be looking for an adoption for them both together


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