English Setter, 3 Years Old

Niko is a 3 year old english setter, DOB 01/08/16

He arrived to his new home on 11th Jan but sadly, despite passing his cat test, he is not cat friendly and we are looking for a new cat free home for him. He’s currently in a kennels near Nottingham until we find him a new home

This is what his adopters have to say about him

Every time you walk into the room, he smiles and wags his tail. He’s very affectionate and loves being with people and having his ears scratched – it makes him go silly and sleepy if you do it for long enough and when you stop, he butts your hand to ask you to keep going.

He seems happy to be left by himself, but is happiest on his back on the sofa having his tummy scratched. He has a tendency to chew blankets, but he hasn’t destroyed anything and is easily distracted from chewing the furniture with food or a rope toy.

He’s very protective of his food and will gulp it down quickly, so he’s using a slow feed bowl which helps him. He also loves food puzzles, stuffed kongs and his shuffle mat, which keep him entertained.

Outside, he’s very enthusiastic, but hasn’t walked on a lead before and is confused that he can’t just run and run. He has no concept of pavements and road safety so is on a very short lead for walks in the village. He loves muddy puddles and likes to lie down in them, he isn’t at all fazed by other dogs, traffic or people, but he wants to chase birds and squirrels until he’s practically throttling himself. He settles well in the car and will just sleep on the back seat on journeys.

He’s the softest, happiest dog, and we already love him so much. I know people might judge us for taking on a dog we want to give back so quickly – we don’t want to give him back at all. If it weren’t for the cats we’d keep him in a heartbeat – this was our mistake and not his so I hope you can find him the home he deserves quickly.

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