We had discussed adopting an English Setter from rescue on and off for a while and came across SePBRA.

I watched a video of a crazy boy running around the shelter being called “loco” by the lovely people who rescued him and i knew he was the one. We already have 9 yr old irish setter and so had already lived through “the puppy years” so we knew what we were getting into.

The forms were filled in and we were interviewed by Tessa wher we could have a frank and open conversation about any concerns or worries we had. Due to COVID our homecheck was via video. I sent a video of our street and garden and again we could have an honest conversation with someone who had been in our shoes without any judgements.

Fast forward around a month later when we were put into a group chat with all the other adopters expecting their dogs the same day as us where we could track the van bringing them over, we had regular pictures of them when they stopped for wee breaks and pictures of people picking up their dogs during the day.

We picked up our “loco” boy amd what a ride it has been! It is not easy by any stretch, these dogs have never lived in homes, they dont know what the rules are they blindside with things you never thought of.

Nestor was frightened of the tv, didnt understand stairs and didnt sleep for the first few days which meant no-one slept. What he did do was shower us with so much love and laughs! There will be ups and downs like him eyeballing us while cocking his leg up at the living room door and wee ing all over it, but then there are times where we are fishing him out of every lake, pond, reservoir we have visited and laughing so much our stomachs hurt or when he gets into bed at 5am for a snuggle and lays right up to you, or when you he comes to you when you call his name wagging his tail.

The facebook group for adopters is so amazingly supportive. You may have some tough times but there is amazing support and help and also the biggest cheerleaders when you post a particularly proud moment. This organisation really cares about the dogs from the shelters in spain, the van drivers and the wonderful people based in the UK. If you are willing to put in the time and patience you will be rewarded a hundred times over. I would not hesitate to recommend SeBPRA to anyone or when the time is right adopt again from them.

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