Pointer, Female 10 Yrs Old

Negra is a beautiful pointer, almost 10 years old (DOB 13.10.10)

Negra was taken to the vets by her hunter owner, along with Mara to be put to sleep because he no longer wanted them. Luckily for them, the shelter were able to step in so they are safe and sound while they find another home

She is very obedient in the shelter and walks very well on her lead too. She’s a really lovely girl and quite calm. She just needs her retirement home now!

Negra can be a little bit dominant with food, it’s likely she’s had to fight for food her whole life to get what she needs so she is being fed separately and should be in her new home until she learns that there’s no need to worry about where her next meal will come from

She has a mammary lump which will be removed when she is spayed.

Negra & Cat
Negra & Friend