English Setter, 1 Year Old

Meet Mundi! Mundi is a 1 year old English setter who was deemed not worthy by his hunter, thankfully he’s made his way to the shelter now.

When he first arrived at the shelter, he was full of fear, but he is improving little by little. He is sharing his run with Roca now who is helping his confidence a lot and the two get on wonderfully together.

He’s shy with people at first, but once you gain his trust, he relaxes.

At the moment, as soon as anybody puts a lead on him, he freezes and they can’t take him anywhere.

Mundi is looking for a home with a resident dog, he will not be homed as an only dog. He will need an active home but a family who can keep his world very small and work with him at his own pace first to adapt to his new life

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