Female German Shorthaired Pointer

Morena is a 9 yr old female GSP, date of birth 1/2/2012

Morena is a fantastic dog, she is sociable with male and female dogs, she has a beautiful nature and loves to be with people, she adores children.

Morena walks well on a lead (although she may pull if something catches her attention of course) and often chooses to walk by your side even when not on a lead. Morena is a dog that everybody falls in love with, she is a very special girl.

Many of you will remember Morena from our Facebook appeal. She was brought to the vets in a terrible condition and her hunter owner requested that she was out to sleep rather than pay for her medical treatment. The vet did not want to do that and got in touch with the shelter and we agreed to fund her treatment. She had awful non-cancerous mammary tumours, this is not uncommon in the dogs that we see in the shelter that have been bred from a lot. She has had one breast chain removed as you will see in the photos and will soon have the same operation on the other side. She is in foster while recovering from the operations and will soon be ready to travel.

Morena & Lester

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