5 year-old English Setter

UPDATE: Monty is now in foster in Newcastle upon Tyne. He’s an extremely friendly boy and just loves people! He’s also very good with other dogs, he doesn’t have a nasty bone in his body.

UPDATE: Monty is still looking for a home. He’s the sweetest boy. He absolutely adores people! He gives the best welcomes when you get home, or just when he sees you again after 30 seconds! His separation anxiety is much much better now but he’d still love a home with people around a lot of the time since he’s at his happiest when he’s with people. He’d also love another dog to play with him and for company too. He loves a squeaky ball on a walk and pretty much any toy. He’s such a happy boy, it’s impossible not to smile when you see him. His recall is really good. He is slightly interested in birds but not compared to a lot of setters (at the minute anyway!) and will come back when you call him. He’s off his lead most places but does want to meet every person and dog he sees! He will quite happily give everybody he meets a big hug. He’s toilet trained now (although he may have accidents when he moves) and is a good boy in the house with the exception of his counter surfing, although he is getting better and sits nicely while we eat without pestering

He loves to play, either with other dogs or on his own. He loves a ball or pretty much any toy that he can throw around the garden and pounce on. He’s really fun to watch, just like watching a puppy!

He’s housetrained and behaves well in general around the house although he does still counter surf if he gets the opportunity! He doesn’t yet understand what a dog bed is (or anything else comfy for that matter) after not having one for so long but he will soon grow accustomed to more home comforts. He sleeps through the night without making a peep. He’s picked the stairs as his current bed for the night!

He loves going for walks, he could do with building up some fitness and stamina but he’s getting more and more confident each day. He could change in time but his recall at the moment isn’t the most challenging for a setter and I think he could probably be off his lead in time.

He does have separation anxiety at the moment which is being worked on and is slowly improving. He loves people so much he just wants to be with them all the time. He needs to be in a home with another dog for company and with an adopter who has the flexibility to work on his separation anxiety

Monty is a 5 year old english setter and he’s been waiting for over a year now for his forever home

He’s a very loving and sweet dog and just wants to play with people.

He can be unsure of some strange dogs but since he’s been neutered the problem has almost complete disappeared. When a new dog arrives at the shelter, he can be uncertain at first but the most he does is the odd growl, he has never got into any fights. He’d do really well with another friendly dog in the house or even as an only dog. It is really rewarding to work with dogs like Monty to bring out the best in them and help them live amazingly happy lives when they have been ignored in shelters for so long. Shelters aren’t an easy place for dogs like Monty and we often see that they change completely once they are in a loving home.