Sabueso, 1 Year Old

Monina is a beautiful sabueso, just about to turn 1, DOB 10.08.21

She was handed over to the shelter by her hunter, he had too many dogs and he decided she had to go.

She’s a really lovely girl. She’s cheerful and energetic like a 1 year old should be! She’s good with other dogs at the shelter and very affectionate with people.

The ratbag is a skilful climber and needs a secure garden!

Sabueso are a lovely breed, used to hunt wild boar and other game in Spain. They are bloodhounds who earned their name due to their noble character. Sabueso are smart dogs who need mental stimulation as well as being active.

Please note, this dog is also advertised with Spanish Griffon Rescue, a charity we work closely with. You can apply through us or through them.

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