GWP Cross, 15 Months Old

Milo and Mili (originally Manuel and Pili) are two young GWPs looking for a new home together. Their DOB is 01.05.19 making them 15 months old.

They are currently in the UK (Watford, Herts) but sadly their adoption hasn’t worked out. They were rescued from a pound in Spain where they were left together by their hunter before being rescued by a lovely shelter we work with in the north of Spain. After a delay due to covid restrictions, they arrived in their new home in the UK in late May

Their adopters say they are both absolutely beautiful dogs, they can barely go anywhere without them becoming the centre of attention! They’ve adapted well to their new life giving they’ve had such a rough start to life and are still only young. They are well behaved in the house… for 15 month GWPs anyway!

They sleep through the night and can be left for a few hours on their own in the day and spend their evenings chilling out and having cuddles. They are toilet trained with the very occasional accident from Milo. They still have a bit of learning to do and will do the classic puppy nibbles and jumping up when they are excited. They are learning to walk on their leads properly with plenty of treats on standby! They do well on pavement walks although can get excited still on more interesting walks like most of the dogs we home. Mili has some recall, although this still needs work, Milo is more challenging although he will come back if there aren’t any distractions!

They are both very affectionate with people and absolutely adore each other. They love nothing more than playing in the garden together and snuggling up for a snooze. They both adore toys, hide and seek brain games and Milo loves water as well! Milo in particular gets bored easily and will make his own entertainment if he needs to!

They’ve been on holiday in the UK, travel well in the car and settle fine away from home.

Sadly, after working with a behaviourist, their family have decided they don’t live in the right environment for Milo and they aren’t the right adopters for him.

Whilst both dogs have missed the crucial socialisation window as puppies, poor Milo has been hit the hardest by this. He is a lovely boy but he’s just not at all sure how to act with other dogs yet on walks and this can be challenging in a busy area. He can go on walks with dogs he has been introduced to correctly and got to know but he really needs a family who can work with him to overcome his fears around strange dogs due to his rubbish start to life by positive reinforcement training and counterconditioning. It is very rewarding to work with dogs like this and help them overcome their fears while building up their trust in you as well but it does require a very dedicated adopter with the time and patience, as well as the right environment.

Milo also has some digestion issues which the vet thinks is due to an infection when he was younger that went untreated with his hunter owner. Now he’s changed diets, he is doing much better and is putting on weight.

We’re looking for a committed adopter for Milo and Mili who can continue the work already started in their current home. GWPs need plenty of exercise and stimulation and we are looking for an adopter with experience of dealing with dogs like Milo or the determination to research learn how to help dogs like him in an effective and positive way.

Milo and Mili are looking for a home together, we are not considering separating them so please only apply if you can adopt them both

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