Female Brittany 9 Years Old

Mila is a lovely small sweet natured female Brittany she will be 9yrs old in December (date of birth 22/12/2012)

Mila is quite a small Brittany, she is very happy and active. Mila is affectionate with people although somewhat shy at first with new people.

Mila loves the companionship of male and female dogs, and in particular Mori, her sister who shares her kennel. We cannot be sure these dogs are littermates, but they have lived together all their lives and we are looking for a home for them together, Mori is quite shy and relies upon Mila for confidence.

We were made aware of a hunter who had been taken ill and could no longer keep his dogs, thanks to the monthly donators we were able to take on all the dogs, four Brittanys and a setter. They arrived at the shelter with chains or old rope tied around their necks, and unfocussed eyes that stared at nothing. We can’t wait to get them into good homes where they can know love and comfort.

Taking on two dogs may seem a big commitment, but it can be a wonderful opportunity for people who don’t have a friendly resident dog to welcome a single rescue dog (many of our dogs do better with a second dog in the home) And in recognition of the initial costs we can now offer to subsidise the adoption fee for pairs of dogs adopted at the same time (£995 rather than 2x£595).


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