English Setter Puppy

Micko is a very very special boy looking for a special home. He is only a puppy, born 10/09/20

Micko is very unique. He’s a very small setter, weighing only 2.5kg at the moment. When the rescuer from the shelter went to pick him up, she was told the rest of his litter was normal in size, about double his size and weight. He’s from a rural area in Spain and sadly they have been breeding setters for generations to try and get the best hunters they can but by breeding dogs too closely related, sometimes they get a dog like Micko. Micko’s grandmother was also his size and lived until she was 11 years and they decided to breed from her also. The rescuers didn’t see Micko’s mum or dad, or the rest of the litter, but are told that both parents are working setters and that the vet had told them that he is a result of consanguinity, or inbreeding. Being so small, he was also malnourished when he was picked up as he wasn’t able to get his fair share of food amongst his litter so was being syringe fed . Whilst we will never know the full story behind how Micko came to be so small and have to somewhat rely on what the rescuers have been told, he appears to be in good health and has been checked by a vet so we hope he will live a good life like his grandmother. However, anybody considering adopting Micko should be aware he has not been well bred and may have later complications in life.

Micko has a very good appetite now so we are hoping he will start to put on weight soon as he is very thin but we expect he will only weight about 8kg when he is an adult. His neck is very thin at the moment os he has not been walked on a lead at all.

Micko is looking for a home with another young resident dog, active adopters who are around for him a lot and preferably experienced adopters. Anybody wanting to offer Micko a home should think carefully about how they will fulfil his needs being an active yet small setter and understand that he may have more complicated medical needs at a later date. Please fill out the application form with as much detail as possible if you would like to be considered as a home for Micko.

Micko & Rory

Micko with his new coat

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