Jack Russel Cross, 8 Years Old

Merlin is unusual in that he is not one of our gun dogs, but he is a dog that Tati saved and would like to find a good home for. I will let her tell you about him..
I want to introduce you to someone very special to me, Merlin, an 8-year Jack Russell cross, that I saved with many difficulties last year. Poor Merlin, he was harshly mistreated, ended up in a kennel, and was adopted by a girl, he lived with for a year, but she became very ill and was taken to hospital urgently and for quite some time, she had no one to take care of Merlin and the only option was for him to return to the kennel where he would be put to sleep if in a short period of time he could not find family … I knew that it was a complicated case since he was a dog with a lot of fears, traumas, dominant with other males … and his life expectancy there, it was not going to be long☹. So I decided to help him and picked him up last year. Since then he has changed a lot, when he arrived he did not let anyone touch him, he had so much fear, now as you see in the video he gets very happy every time he sees me. He loves to be stroked, he is very sad when I leave him alone, he needs a family that loves him very much and can help him overcome the fears that remain, he will let people touch him, caress, play, but he still does not trust you if you try to lift him. .. he is becoming more confident but it has been months of work. I think that in a family it will be all faster because they spend much more time with the dogs they adopt and I am sure that in a short time he will be the one who asks that they play with him. We know that he had no problem with the female dogs, and little by little putting him with males, for months now he plays with everyone😍. He is getting old in my refuge, I would die of grief if he can not find a family that loves him like never before. May all the blows and screams he received be turned into love … every time I see him I cry when thinking about what poor Merlin suffered. This grandpa deserves a home !! He is a fighter and a brave man !! 

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