Female 2 Year Old Perdiguero de Burgos

Mendia is a gorgeous two year old female Perdiguero de Burgos, an ancient breed of Spanish pointer. Her date of birth is 05/06/2019.

Mendia is a tremendously loving and affectionate dog with a wonderful nature. She loves to play with people, she jumps and chases us and she asks us to chase her and when the game ends she loves a big cuddle. Mendia is also great with other dogs, male and female.

Mendia is deaf from birth. She will need to be trained to hand signals rather than voice but dogs are amazingly adaptable and we hope she will be encouraged to live life to the full. She would no doubt find it easier to pick up on clues from other dogs, so we are looking for a home with other friendly dogs and no young children.

 The Perdiguero de Burgos is a large ancient Spanish pointer that has contributed greatly to the development of other pointer breeds, it has been around at least since the 1500s and is thought to be a descendent of the Perdiguero Navarro (Old Spanish Pointer) and the Sabueso EspaƱol. Today the Perdiguero de Burgos is actually smaller and lighter built than it once was, because Spanish breeders have made great efforts to refine and hone its fine qualities as a bird-hunting dog. This breed was headed for extinction in the early part of the 20th century, but today its popularity is growing rapidly in Spain and hunters are rediscovering its many positive qualities. The Perdiguero de Burgos was used to hunt deer for most of its history. Today it is mainly used as a pointer and retriever of small, fast game such as hare, quail and partridge. Its excellent nose could fairly qualify it as a scenthound and it is known for not giving up on a scent. It is a much faster and more athletic dog than it looks and is able to easily cover rough and hilly terrain.

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