English Setter, 9 Years Old

Meet Mendi. He’s 9 and is looking for a retirement home so he can enjoy his later years

Like so many setters in Spain, Mendi is still full of life and has plenty of energy, but his hunter did not want him anymore and would rather he was put to sleep even though he’s not done anything wrong!

He’s large for a working setter so he’ll take up slightly more room on the couch but he’s worth it! He’s very affectionate and will repay you in cuddles.

Even though he’s 9, he’s very healthy and all his tests have come back with no problems. Working setters tend to have a longer life expectancy that their show counterparts so he’s still got plenty of life in him yet!

He’s great with the other dogs in the shelter and now just needs a home so he can learn what it’s like to have a proper family and a warm and cosy house as he gets old.

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