Melon 1 yr old male GWP

Melon is lovely, relatively small 1yr old male GWP. He is very good-natured, gets on well with all dogs and people. He is playful and funny, if another dog bothers him he puts up with a lot but then if he gets pushed too far he asserts himself and tells them to bog off in polite dog terms.

Melon was found wandering in Spain. He will have been lost or dumped by his hunter owner and he didn’t have a chip, the fate of thousands of dogs in Spain.

He is happy go-lucky, fun-loving, playful dog, and gets on very well with all and is currently living in a multi-dog foster household and having a lovely time.

We’re looking ideally for an adopter with experience of similar breeds, willing to take him for long daily walks and invest time in his training.

Date of birth 01/09/19

Melon was rescued from mid Spain, as with all our dogs, he has been tested for Mediterranean diseases and has tested negative but he is from an endemic area and should be monitored for leish. Read more here..

Melon & friends
Melon & Marga

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