English Setter, 11 Years Old

Update: Maury travelled into a foster home in Newcastle on our July trip. He’s currently living with a resident dog and is slowly starting to gain his confidence around his foster family and adjust to homelife. 

This big loveable gent will make a fantastic addition to someone’s family. He has some separation anxiety with his foster dad currently, so they are working very hard with him to overcome this attachment anxiety and build his confidence. Maury will really benefit from a loving home where he has company most of the day (especially human company). He has been lovely with his foster sister and other dogs he has met so could go to live with another resident dog. 

Here is what his foster pawrents have to say about him:

” Maury is a bit sceptical of strangers at first and prefers to approach people in his own time, but he does LOVE affection from people and when he’s comfortable with you will flop over for a belly rub. He’s very gentle when he interacts with you and is just a true gent.

He loves… 

a good trot around and roll about in the garden – he has a favourite spot

saying hello to other dogs – sometimes he goes up and gives them a big Maury kiss

food – a true greedy guts. 

He is very loyal especially with ‘his person’ and will currently stick to them like glue. Once he gets his confidence with you he is very trusting. We’re working on building his confidence so he isn’t as dependent on my partner.

He has coped really well with many of the usual ‘house noises’ from appliances, etc. His toilet training is coming on wonderfully with only a few accidents.

When we’re working from home he gets himself comfy and is happy to fall asleep nearby.

At the moment he has been very good on walks and not shown a strong prey drive… yet,  although this could very well change as he settles and gains confidence more.

Everyone who has met him so far has been totally obsessed with him (and who can blame them). He is honestly absolutely gorgeous.”

Maury is a very handsome 11 year old English Setter, DOB 27.03.2012

UPDATE: Maury has been at the shelter almost a year and we’re desperate to find him a home ASAP. He’s improved a lot in his time at the shelter, he adores a big fuss off people and happily shares his kennel with another setter as well. He prefers the company of female dogs but he’s good with males too as long as they’re friendly and don’t tell him off. He’s a really lovely boy who could live with or without other dogs and deserves a home to finally show him the love he’s missed out on for 11 years. He’s still got plenty of life left in him being a working setter but a comfy sofa to relax on surely wouldn’t be turned down!

Maury was handed into the shelter by his hunter now he’s too old to hunt for him. He’s a very elegant dog, on the large size for a working setter. He can be quite suspicious if he doesn’t know you yet, probably a sign of his past life and how he has been treated. We think he lived alone since he doesn’t seem to be sure how to act around other dogs but the shelter are working hard on socialising him. Despite not being used to other dogs, he doesn’t show any aggression so with careful introductions and time, he could live with other dogs or be well suited as an only dog

Maury & Horca
Maury & Horca
Maury & Horca
Maury & Horca