Hound, 5 Years Old

Mati is a female five year old hound, her estimated date of birth is 05/05/2017.

Mati is a very handsome girl with a wonderful nature, she is very sweet, good and extremely affectionate with the people and adores the child in her Spanish foster home. She does have some fears, and can be initial nervous of new people and places, but after a few hours she is not afraid of them and she is asking for a fuss. She loves people once she knows and trusts them.

Mati is great with other dogs, she enjoys their company, both male and female, she is submissive and never looks for conflict. She would love a home with another dog. She has a very calm and balanced character. She really is an mazing dog.

Mati is a very special dog. She was rescued along with nine other dogs in September 2021 when the Spanish Police removed them from a man for mistreating them. The photos of the ground floor of the house where the dogs were kept are beyond belief, faeces every where and starving dogs cowering in corners. AELA took five of the dogs from the Police.

Mati arrived in an awful state. She had been used to breed from continually and had recently undergone a botched home caesarean from which she had awful complications. As soon as she arrived at the shelter she underwent several emergency operations to save her life.

Since the last operation, Mati has been in a wonderful foster home. She arrived extremely scared from the house of horrors, but she has improved every week in the months she has been recovering. She is still recovering mentally and physically from her ordeal, but her wonderful personality now shines though.

Mati is a very clean dog, in spite of having lived among her own excrements, she is very particular about going outside to use the garden.

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