Marshall male GWP pup 6 months old

All the puppies were sick but Marshall was very ill when he arrived, he was skeletal, he was admitted to the vets just like the others and fortunately fought through and overcame the disease. Marshall weighs only 10kg. Despite all this Marshall is very playful and crazy too despite being small. He is sometimes a bit brusk with Rubble and barks at him. But he is also one of the most affectionate with people, he is so cuddly, he wants to be with you almost all the time and for you to stroke him, he really adores some love and attention.

DOB 15/8/2019

Rubble, Katie, Skye, Marshall and Everest.. ´╗┐These happy, playful GWP pups were rescued by ALEA a few weeks ago in a very sad state, they had been abandoned in kennels, very sick and thin. They were all seriously ill with Parvo and were quickly admitted to veterinary care, the dates of birth were guessed at this point and may not be very accurate, it is clear these pups have come from several different litters and they probably have not been kennelled together until now. The pups have their weights listed (weighed 1/2/20) to give you an idea of size.

The pups are all now well and very active, they are just starting to learn how to play and interact together, to start with there were some fights, but now they are learning to play nicely and to eat without anxiety. They are learning and improving every day, although they still have no idea about walking nicely on a lead etc

They are all very keen to have attention and love from people, sometimes fighting to get the cuddles, but little by little they are learning.

Marshall & Friends
Marshall & Friends
Maeshall & Friends

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