• Mara English Setter

We are the Sutherland family. So far we’ve rescued a few dogs through word of mouth but never from abroad. The process was easy, video interview not as formal as I expected, home check was all good. 

We had an insight into Mara’s history but only what the rescue knew. She had been fostered for a few months before we had her and we were aware she was great with children and not too manic as far as they knew (we chose not to have a puppy). We had a pick up point for arrival and when we were greeted by her we were taken back at how friendly and gorgeous she was. All the dogs that came off that van were beautiful and waggy!

She is fairly calm for her breed, busy off the lead and can only be trusted off the lead in one wide field area now and then! I’m not used to having a dog on a lead so had to get through the different greeting behavioural characters of how she would be and other dogs towards her.

Other than that she is 2 months in and so settled. We have a large, long, garden and now she takes herself off whenever she is out. I put it down to the cold but realised she was scared to leave us outside in case we didn’t let her back in. She is great with the kids – will occasionally chew some wooden train track (any wooden toy on the floor is ready for manipulation!) and pinch toys from their beds as a game but not chew it. They adore her.

She has crazy run around moments in the house but being she is a quieter dog its great to see! I run with Mara and other than getting a scent and tripping me up she’s great. Luckily she gets 2-3 hours of walks a day and as long as she gets that she’s very settled. We have left her for a few hours all fine. My guilty sin is she sleeps in her bed in our room but that is purely because she is sooooo quiet. We adore her so much, such a blessing to have her.