Brittany, 6 Years Old

Mara is a beautiful 6 year old Brittany, DOB 21/08/14

Mara and Negra were taken to the vets to be put to sleep by their hunter who no longer wanted them. Thankfully they are now at a lovely shelter while they find a home

This shy Brittany has been improving little by little, she has been sharing her kennel with Yeko, Ben and now with Thor and with everyone she gets along very well, she is sweet and relatively calm for a Brittany.

She has the wonderful brit character, she’s very affectionate and attached to people and gets on great with kids.

There are two videos of Mara with the photos above

Inside the shelter she is still quite nervous, but once she is outside she relaxes much more and is a very happy girl

Mara is looking for an adopter with another resident dog and somebody with the time and patience to help her through her fears. She is a really special dog.

Please only apply for Mara if you have a friendly resident dog or are looking to adopt a pair of dogs.

Mara & Cat
Mara & Friends

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