7 Year Old English Setter

This lovely chap is Manchita. He’s 7 years old, DOB 10/06/13

He has been handed into the shelter by a couple who found him wandering 2 years ago. They’ve kept him every since but sadly they can’t look after him anymore and turned to the shelter for help.

He’s had a hard time adapting to life in the shelter since he’s used to the comforts of a home after 2 years. He’s getting used to it slowly but it would be lovely to find him a home soon so he isn’t so stressed.

He’s shy at first with people but once he gets to know you and gains confidence, he’s really friendly and affectionate. He’s very clean and obedient in the shelter since he’s used to living in a home. He came with his own bed which he sleeps on without destroying which is quite a novelty for the shelter! Usually anything soft is destroyed fairly quickly!

At the moment, he doesn’t know how to socialise with other dogs. We think he’s probably never had the chance before. He lived with a dominant male before he arrived at the shelter but they haven’t managed to integrate him with other dogs yet, he appears very scared. It’s early days yet and he may improve in time but we think he would be well suited to being an only dog

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