English Setter, 2 Years Old

Luna is a very special girl looking for a very special adopter. She’s nearly 2 years old, DOB 14.05.19, and so far, life has dealt her a bad hand.

Luna was given to the shelter by a hunter. He said she has vision problems in one eye but they soon realised it was both and she is completely blind. She’s been to the ophthalmologist already and she does have a couple of problems with her eyes but nothing that would make her blind. Sadly, this means it’s likely to be her brain that is causing her blindness. Blind dogs can live very full lives but Luna needs somebody with the time, patience and understanding to teach her about the world. As if being blind wasn’t bad enough, she is very malnourished and we think she’s been mistreated too. She’s very scared and she gets nervous around other dogs at the moment too since she can’t see them. The hunter told the shelter she was in a run with other dogs and we think it’s likely that she didn’t have chance to get much of the food he put in their run.

In spite of everything, she is a very sweet girl and she is so happy to be given any attention.

Luna will need a quiet household with no children and a friendly resident dog with an adopter who can do gentle introductions with them. She would benefit greatly from a canine friend but she will likely be very scared at first. Adopters should also consider if their house is practical for a blind dog and whether the walking environments at their disposal would be suitable for her. Blind dogs can have great fun on walks and master most things in a house, but it will take time.

Luna & Tom
Luna & Malio

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