Female cross 8 mnths old

Luna is a gorgeous female pup, just eight months old (date of birth 11/11/20).

A couple of months ago we helped a mother and her pup, Canela and Rufus. Canela had been found on the Spanish streets pregnant and a kind lady had given her shelter in an abandoned house and regular food. When the pups were born she found homes for most of them locally and then Canela and the last pup Rufus were brought to the shelter in Spain and we rehomed them in the UK, both are doing extremely well in their new homes.

Now one of the other pups has also been brought to the shelter as the family are finding her too much. She is a gorgeous, stunning female pup, she is insecure and fearful as she has not been socialised, she is also very active, playful and very loving once she knows you, in fact because of her insecurities she tends to attach rather too quickly.

Luna is probably part Brittany but she is a unique and beautiful mix, we should expect her to be an active, intelligent and human focussed dog.

Luna will only go to a home with a friendly, confident, mid-age or young dog, as this will help her confidence and lack of socialisation. She will need time and patience and training to help her overcome her nerves.

Luna will no doubt grow into an active and affectionate companion, she will need the company of friendly dogs at home and he might take well to agility, flyball or canicross.

Rufus & mum Canela

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