Lula female GSP 8yrs old

Lula is a beautiful female 8yr old German short haired pointer.

Lula is affectionate, cheerful and confident, she is wonderful with people, she gets on well with other dogs but she doesn’t share food, bones, treats and she can become aggressive with other dogs if she thinks they are going to remove her food.

Lula has had a sad life as a gundog in Spain. This year her hunter owner decided he didn’t want her any more, he said she’s no good at hunting, so we guess that she’s been used to breed and make money from and now that she’s older he was going to have her put to sleep. Luckily we found out in time and stepped in and saved her. She was pretty thin when we got her and she was very possessive about food. Now she’s gained weight and is looking much better and is less obsessed with food although if another dog is near her when she’s eating she’s very intolerant.

In true GSP style she’s very affectionate with people and when there are few distractions she’s very good and comes back when called. However she’s very interested in smells and seems to have a prey drive typical of a gundog.

We’re looking for adopters willing to take her for decent daily walks appropriate for her age and work on her recall. She’d do well as an only dog.

We’ll add more photos soon, the ones we have so far don’t show how pretty she is.

Date of birth 13/05/2012

Lula & Child
Lula & Txispas

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