English Setter, 1 Year Old

This young chap is Lover (DOB 27/07/19). His hunter actually called him Killer but the shelter changed his name for Lover as soon as they picked him up!

Like most of our setters, he was deemed suitable for hunting and taken to the shelter. When he arrived, he was very nervous and shy and wolfs down his food in seconds in case it’s the only chance he will get to have a decent meal. This is sadly very common but in time they learn they don’t have to worry anymore

Before he arrived, his hunter shaved his head and neck so the photos don’t show him in his true setter glory but he’s a handsome lad and will look really lovely when his fur has grown back

He’s good with male and female dogs although he does like to be the boss! He shares with Donald & Lola who are teaching him how to play like a young dog should!

He’s shy with people but he’s improving gradually.

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