Vizsla, 2 Years Old

Lola was found in Badajoz, tied to a lamppost. She was found by a kind man who took her to the vets to see if she had a chip. They called the man she was registered too but he said he didn’t want her, he’d left her there to get rid of her. She’s now in the north at one of the shelter’s we work closely with

She’s a sweetheart. She’s sociable with all dogs and has shared with quite a few different dogs already at the shelter.

She’s very affectionate and the shelter say she’s also obedient. She’s active like you’d expect and just loves to run. When she arrived, she was quite possessive around food and we think she’d really struggled to get any food where she’d been. She’s better now she’s learning that she doesn’t need to worry anymore and will improve more once she’s in a home environment, feeding her separately at first so she doesn’t need to stress.

At the minute she has decent recall and she’s also good with children

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