English Setter, 8 Years Old

Linda is a gorgeous female 8 year old English Setter, date of birth 29/07/2013.

Linda is a lovely mother setter given to the shelter by a hunter along with her two daughters Yampa and Yuca. She has a wonderful nature and adores people. She is also very attached to her daughters.

Linda seems to carry her head slightly to one side, she has been thoroughly examined by the vets with an ultrasound and CAT scan. There seems to be a middle ear issue for which she is about to have treatment.

Linda is a very happy and active dog, she loves to run and play with her daughters and she does show the typical setter interest in birds. She is a delightful setter with a big smile.

The three dogs are very attached to each other and the daughters obviously gain confidence from their mother. In order to find them homes we will consider splitting them up, in which case we would be looking for homes with friendly resident dogs. Alternatively if you might consider a pair, then Yuca and Linda might be a lovely choice, as Yuca is more dependant on her mum.


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