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Libra is now available for adoption!! This gorgeous plucky intelligent pup has grown into a beautiful young dog and has been given a clean bill of health by the vet. This is wonderful news given her rocky start, she will always have a different shaped rib cage, but it is no longer pressing on her organs, she needs no surgery nor on going medication. We could not be more pleased for this gorgeous girl. She is now nine months old, her date of birth is 01/11/21.

Libra is extremely bright and keen to learn and very loving, she is bold and full of vitality. Libra is very people focussed but also adores the company of the other dogs (male and female). She has lived in a wonderful foster home but will need on going training for recall and lead walking of course. She might also excel at scent work or some other activity to use her undeniable intelligence.

Libra is a gorgeous pointer pup being cared for by AELA. She was abandoned at just a few weeks old at a state dog pound because she has a very serious congenital condition, her rib cage and sternum were growing incorrectly and they were gradually crushing her lungs and heart. When AELA collected her from the pound her heart was already struggling and her legs were deformed due to malnutrition. Libra went straight into a wonderful foster home in Spain, the vets monitored her condition carefully and gave her medication to help her heart and supplements for her joints. She has regular vet check ups to monitor her growth, ensure her heart and lungs are not further compromised. Wonderfully as she has grown the ribs have moved away from the organs and the vets have confirmed she needs no operation nor on going medication. We fully expect her to live a normal life with a slightly different shaped rib cage.

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