Pointer pup under 1 Year Old

Photos from March and April

Photos from December, January, February

Libra is a gorgeous pointer pup being cared for by AELA. She was abandoned at a state dog pound because she has a very serious congenital condition, her rib cage and sternum are growing incorrectly and they are gradually crushing her lungs and heart. When AELA collected her from the pound her heart was already struggling and her legs were deformed due to malnutrition.

Libra may need major surgery to correct the rib cage malformation, and we have raised £1,700 to help towards the costs. Libra is in a wonderful foster home in Spain and she is on medication to help her heart and supplements for her joints. She has regular vet check ups to monitor her growth, ensure her heart and lungs are not further compromised and once she is fully grown the vets will decide how best to operate on her.

Libra an incredible pup, she is extremely intelligent and loving, she is bold and full of vitality despite her physical constraints. She is very people focussed but also adores the company of the other dogs.

Libra is not available for adoption, do not apply! She will remain in her excellent foster home until she is recovered after her operation and once we know her prognosis we will decide the best route forward for her. If or when she is available for adoption we will advertise her here, on our website, and we will ask for applications at that point.