English Setter, 5 Years Old

UPDATE: Sadly this girl has the worst luck! Lia’s foster mum found a lump on her which had appeared very quickly. After a vet visit, it was found to be a mast cell tumour and she was booked in to have it removed. Thankfully, the results came back that it was a low grade tumour and no further treatment such as chemo needed. She will now have the operation to remove her cataracts on the 28th November once she has recovered. At the moment, it’s not clear whether Lia will be able to travel this year or early next year depending how quickly she recovers

This gorgeous young girl is Lia, DOB 5.6.15

Lia was brought to the shelter by her hunter while she was heavily pregnant. He told the shelter that if they didn’t take her, he would bring her back once she had given birth, without her puppies. The girls at AELA shelter couldn’t let that happen so they took her straight away.

She is in foster with Charo while she gave birth and until the pups are old enough to be at the shelter. It soon became clear that Lia couldn’t see properly so she took a trip to the specialist vets and she has been diagnosed with cataracts which need operated on. She’s only young and although she might not go blind soon, she will in the future so we are fundraising for her to have the operation. Charo says it’s really sad to see her, she has such a lovely nature but she keeps walking into things and it’s heartbreaking

She’s a really lovely girl, she gets on well with the other dogs at Charo’s house and she’s really great with humans too, including Charo’s son. She’s very submissive to people, always lying down. She’s very very affectionate and absolutely adores to have a fuss. She’s happiest by your side

Lia & Friends

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