English Setter Puppies

Lia arrived at the shelter pregnant with these 7 lovely pups

Her hunter handed her in to the shelter heavily pregnant. The dad is apparently one of his other setters. Thankfully he didn’t want any of them so the shelter have been able to save them from ending up in the wrong hands

They were born on the 4/9/20 and they can travel to the UK once they are 15 weeks old

Update 27/9/20:

Vaquilla, male: 1200g RESERVED

Violeta, female: 950g RESERVED

Watson, male: 940g RESERVED

Rufo, Male: 1250g RESERVED

Carmela, female: 850g RESERVED

Vera, female: 1080g RESERVED

Otto, male: 890g RESERVED

The pups are currently in foster with Charo until they are old enough to move to the shelter. They are looking for active homes, preferably with another young dog and experience of active breeds

Lia’s Pups
Lia’s pups
Lia’s pups

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