7 yr old Male German Shorthaired Pointer

Lester is an elegant 7 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer. Date of birth 25/7/2013

Lester was given up by his hunter. Apparently Lester was stung by an electric fence while out hunting and then was too scared to hunt properly, so his owner had no use for him. He is a very handsome dog, elegant and athletic.

Lester loves to run and he also loves his food. He is very affectionate with people. He has only just arrived and is currently in his own kennel, but he seems good with other dogs when he mixes with them in the exercise enclosure and once he is neutered the shelter will try him in the mixed kennels with male and female dogs.

Within the confines of the shelter he seems well balanced and very obedient but of course this may change when out on exciting walks with great scents.

Lester & Child
Lester & Morena

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