Laura rehomes setters

My husband and I were looking to adopt a dog to join us in our active lifestyle when we came across Sebpra. We came across Asha and Daya on the website. Potentially sisters and a cross between a pointer and a setter. They were extremely nervous rescues and it’s been a very long journey. However, I absolutely fell in love with helping these dogs coming over from Spain. Not long after adopting our girls, I started helping out the Sebpra team. We then adopted a third dog to help build Asha and Daya’s confidence so the beautiful Petra, an English Setter, joined the family. I now focus on rehoming setters. They are a true oh fabulous breed. When I’m not assisting with dog rescue, you’ll find Petra and I out on the hills, swimming in the lochs or paddle boarding in the Scottish sunshine. Asha and Daya aren’t quite ready to join us but hopefully in time they can come on adventure too.

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