Female Brittany 1 yr old

Lara is a beautiful one year old female Brittany, date of birth 31/01/2020

Lara is very good looking, affectionate and quite sensitive. She loves people and is always asking to be stroked.

Like all young Brittanys she is very active and loves to run. She is great with male and female dogs and really enjoys their company, we would like to find her a home with another young dog for company.

Lara was rescued near Toledo central Spain, which is a Leish endemic area, she has tested negative to Leish but we would recommend regular Leish tests (https://sebpra.org/canine-leishmaniasis/)

Lara might well be a good choice for canicross, agility or scent work, Britanys are intelligent and active and love these sorts of activities.


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