English Setters, Born 07/02/20

At the start of February, we all got a bit of a shock! The gorgeous Laika was expecting pups! She’d arrived at the shelter in early pregnancy so it hadn’t been picked up in her first vet visits. The shelter think that the dad is a pedigree setter owned by the hunter since he is the only intact male she had any contact with.

Laika went straight into foster Charo so she could prepare to give birth in a safe environment.

The pups were born 07/02/20, 4 beautiful girls and 4 handsome boys. They were named after by their godmothers in Spain who all donated towards their care. Sadly poor Nadia & Rey passed away from parvo in early April.

The weights below were recorded 25/02/20

Chestnut- Female, 870g RESERVED

Moni- Female, 920g RESERVED

Marilin- Female, 890g RESERVED

Num- Male, 920g RESERVED

Romeo- Male, 1130g RESERVED

Taco- Male, 1070g- RESERVED

All the pups and Laika are all doing well. They’re all currently still in foster with Charo and will be able to travel to the UK once they are 15 weeks old

Romeo & Moni
Marilin, Chestnut, Taco & Num
Moni & Romeo
Marilin, Taco, Chestnut & Num
Marilin, Taco, Chestnut & Num

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