Female Beagle 6 Years Old

This gorgeous girl is Laika the Beagle, she is six years old, her date of birth is 06/24/2015.

Laika was bought by a hunter to hunt and since her hunter did not like how she hunted, he abandoned her at the shelter.

Laika is a very sweet girl, she loves human company and she is quite spirited. She is bold and will defend her food or toys from the bigger dogs.

Laika is a sweet girl and smaller than most of the dogs we rehome, however she is still a true hunting dog. She is looking for an active family, she will need training and reliable recall in particular may be challenging.

Beagles are small to medium sized hounds, they were originally bred for hunting hares in packs. Beagles are normally sociable, mischievous, energetic and delightful members of an active family. Beagles enjoy company whether it is human or canine and dislike being left on their own. The beagle is full of fun, enthusiastic and always ready for any sort of activity.