Pointer 2 years old

King is well named, he is so handsome and stands tall, he is a young 2yr old male Pointer (date of birth 30/08/2019)

King was no longer wanted by his hunter owner, he and two setters were excess dogs to be got rid of and we were able to take them in thanks to the generosity of our monthly donators.

King is an impressive Pointer, he is tall and very elegant. He shares his kennel with the two female setters he arrived with.

King is a wonderful dog. In the shelter he seems calm, well balanced and very good natured. Of course moving to a home, it will be a completely new environment and he s likely to be wary of some things initially.

King gets on well with male and female dogs. He loves human company, he is very affectionate, attaches quickly, always looking for human contact. Within the confines of the shelter he is very obedient but of course on interesting walks this would no doubt change as his natural prey drive will take over.


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