Katy female Brittany 10 yrs old

Katy is a beautiful Brittany. Her owner kept her with Pecas, another Brittany at some kennels he had at the company where he worked (while he was the president of that company) when he retired he brought food every day and released his dogs to run, but one day he suffered a stroke and he was admitted to the hospital very ill. The workers did not want the dogs to be there so their owner agreed to give the dogs to the shelter where they could be put up for adoption.

Katy is 10yrs old and despite her age she is in phenomenal health, she is a dog that walks very well, is very obedient and responds to the call. She is very affectionate with people and children. She is very playful with other dogs. She shares a kennel with Pecas and they play a lot.

Katy date of birth 15/10/2009