Female Brittany 2 yrs old

Katy is a gorgous tricolour female Brittany, two years old, date of birth 18/04/2019.

Katy is a beautiful dog with black/orange/white tricolour coat, quite rare and often sought after.

Katy is very active, very cheerful and full of energy, she loves to run and loves her walks, she is also extremely human focussed. She is very affectionate, very attached to people and would love a home with someone around all day.

Katy was rescued near Toledo, she has tested negative to Leish but as this is a Leish endemic area we would recommend regular Leish tests (https://sebpra.org/canine-leishmaniasis/).

Katy enjoys the company of other dogs but she is quite pushy them and if she is nervous she may grumble at the other dogs. We feel she would be best as an only dog.

Katy is very active and would probably love an outlet for her energy and intelligence, maybe canicross, tracking, scent work, agility etc Like all young Brittanys she will need lots of exercise and training and she will no doubt be a super companion in an active home.


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