English Setter, 2 Years Old

This handsome chap is Jeep, a 2 year old English setter, DOB 15.5.18

He was a late arrival to the shelter, just before our past pre-Brexit trip and lucky enough to find an amazing foster home so he could travel. He arrived in Chesterfield 29.12.20

Jeep was given to the shelter by his hunter owner. He has a great pedigree and Scottish blood in him! He’s a very posh boy! When he got to the shelter a few weeks ago, he was very very scared and would back up into a corner.

He’s settling into his foster home really well. He’s resting lots since he’s still quite nervous but he’s playing really well with the two resident dogs and having a ball running round the garden. He gets excited when they do and wants to be involved, almost like he forgets he is scared and it takes him a moment to remember!

He’s still very skinny at the moment since he didn’t have time to put on weight at the shelter but he’s eating really well in his foster home

Jeep & Cat
Jeep & Lia

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