Jai has, this week, passed the ‘Family Dog Test’! He has been with us almost a year and not the type of year anyone expected! He traveled on the day of my last chemo, so half my friends thought I was crazy, the others congratulated me, and within the first couple of days he had become a trusted friend to my, then 3 year old, granddaughter, and soon her baby sister (they now have their own SeBPRA dog). Lead walking could be challenging, off lead walking a non starter, and turning the garden to mud became an art form.  Christmas arrived bringing two more visiting granddaughters, neither confident with dogs, and Jai did a raid on the chickens and knocked over 2 year old in his bid to flee. Children and dog separated for remainder of visit!

Lockdown brought a ‘stay at home for 12 weeks’ letter for me, so Jai and I spent many hours in the garden and as he runs constantly if I’m working outside he gets far more exercise that way than a couple of hours on the lead and there are always birds and rabbits to hunt! 10 weeks later I got a ‘you don’t need to shield’ letter, (but my husband got a stay home one almost the same day) so walks resumed, with a much calmer dog, who now often walks on a loose lead, although still tests the shoulders when something flaps – which is not infrequent! He has finally learnt to wee when we’re out, and is altogether more relaxed. 

The last 7 days has seen under fives here every day! The local two camped here with Bea ( was Bianca) for a few days and the others made their first trip since Christmas, complete with lockdown born baby, so it’s been 2, 3 or 5 under 5s for a week and Jai has been wonderful! The baby had his feet licked, the girls charged around on foot and in ‘vehicles’, with never a blink from Jai. We managed several meals, 2 barbecues and Bea joined us as well for the last afternoon, with no hassle! Jai and Bea could teach humans how to social distance! The picture says it all and the look on Jai’s face was echoed on my granddaughter’s – they couldn’t get enough of each other, and she’s the one he knocked over in the rain and mud last time they met!

My specifications when looking for a dog were one that could be happy as an only dog and be good with children – well done team, you found me that dog.

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